Friday, February 21, 2020

Thompson Center Seneca Stock Refinish

A customer recently sent me this TC Seneca stock to refinish. It had a stained spray on poly finish which made the stock look cheap and bumpy. The brass was completely sprayed over as well and it took some work getting that brass cleaned up! In the end, I finished the flame walnut off with a 2000 grit finish and 14 coats of hand rubbed oil finish. Beautiful!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

2020 Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous site clean up

The Booshway and a friend and I are already prepping the site. Cleaned out the storage shed, moved out a ton of stuff have hasnt been used in 30 years. Just made everything very easy to access and easy to put away at the end of rendezvous. We'll also start rebuilding the shooting range soon.

A lot of work to send out emails asking for donations. I'll be emailing some folks for new 3d decoys for bow shooters.
 We put a lot of work and clean up into the storage shed. New shelves, repaired the shed itself, saved good usable tent fly poles that had been thrown outside and sat over the years. We'll also be giving away some clay pigeon throwers too that are brand new in the box, that the rendezvous has never used.

We also uncovered a ton of older and newer medallions that are going to be sold off. Each medallion will come with a raffle ticket to enter your name into the rifle raffle. Email or call the booshway on the flier below for medallions.