Frontier's Patch Lube Instructions

Instructions for using Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube:

When cleaning Goex, KIK, Swiss, Pyrodex, Triple7, American Pioneer, Alliant Black MZ always start with a bucket of HOT soapy water to help break up stubborn fouling and melt/remove patch/conical lube from the barrels rifling.

Soak breech end of barrel in the hot soapy water (Dawn or Murphy oil soap - Pinesol) and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

Use an old tooth brush to scrub fouling from nipple area and other areas where powder residue is present.
Remove nipple from barrel and with the correct cleaning jag, attach it to your cleaning rod and with the correct diameter cleaning patch, pump the hot soapy water up and down the bore until your patches start to show up cleaner.

3 to 4 patchs is normally a good start before its time to dump the dirty water out.
Now that you've used the hot soapy water, wash your bucket out and re-fill it with baby bath temp' warm water. No soap this time!

Flush your bore out once more with the cleaner water. Cleaning with one bucket of dirty black powder fouled water only does one thing, it flushes the bore with corrosive water from the salts left behind in the fouling. This is why I HIGHLY recommend that the black powder shooter flush TWICE!

Once your bore is fully clean from your personal inspection, run a couple dry patches down the bore, blow into the muzzle to help blow out any water remaining in the Drum/Bolster ( Thing that the nipple screws into).
Next, block the Bolster/Drum area with your finger and carefully pour Aprox. 1 to 2 table spoons worth of 91% ( Or better!) Isopropyl Alcohol down the bore and swish it around in the bolster/drum. Doing this step ensures that ALL moisture inside of that area has been removed and will not cause rust issues.

What ever metal part that gets washed with water SHOULD get washed down with the 91% + Isopropyl alchol to remove ALL traces of water, before being treated with the Anti-Rust & Patch Lube.

Run an alcohol patch or 2 down the bore and dry the bore.

Protecting with Frontier's Anti - Rust & Patch Lube: 
Work Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch lube into a fresh cleaning patch, using a little extra to make up for the excess that will squeeze out at the  muzzle.

Slowly work the patch up and down the bore in 2" to 4" strokes to ensure proper coverage.

To ensure amazing coverage,  you can gently heat the barrel hot enough to melt the lube or even just melt a little lube in a bowl, and dip the patch into it. I personally prefer to heat my barrel and then swab the anti rust lube in and then set the barrel off to the side to cure over night.

While the barrel is still hot, wipe the exterior of the barrel down and then using a soft cloth, lightly wipe the barrel down to soak up excess lube. A little lube goes a LONG way with this product.

After the lube has cured in the bore, you are all set and ready for storage!

 Lubing Shooting Patches:
To lube your shooting patches, simply scoop up a tiny bit and work the lube into the patches. Another way our customers prefer to lube the patches is by melting a small amount and dipping the patches into the warmed, melted lube. After you have your patches lubed, place them between a clean rag and squeeze out the excess lube.

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