Saturday, March 28, 2020

Patch Lubes - Home Made & Store Bought

Pre-made patch lubes:
Frontier's - Anti Rust & Patch Lube
TC Bore Butter
Trapper's Mink oil tallow
Ol' Grizz patch lube
Lehigh Valley Lube
Wonderlube 1000 plus
Liquid Wonder Lube 1000 Plus
Hornady one shot cleaner & protectant
Birchwood Casey magic muzzle cleaner black powder solvent
Shenandoah Valley lube

Make it yourself Patch lubes: If you guys have your own recipe, reply with the recipe and I will add it to the list.

Olive Oil & Bees wax - Mix bees wax in a small amount at a time. You want your patch lube to be a little stiffer than crisco, but not to the point your patches are hard enough to "crack".

Moose Milk: Have your typical Shot Glass ready!
1 shot glass of water soluble oil "Ballistol"
1 shot glass of Pinesol
2 shots hydrogen peroxide - 3% solution
20 shots of water
When weather turns very cold to the freezing point, you can add 2 shots of Alcohol to your mix to prevent it from freezing.

Another recipe for another form of moose milk:

Castor Oil 4 oz.

Murphy's Oil Soap 1 oz.

Witch Hazel 4 oz.

Isopropyl Alcohol (91%) 8 oz.

Water (non-chlorinated) 16 oz
Go Jo hand cleaner
 1:5 mix of castor oil and denatured alcohol for producing 'dry' patches. Soak the patch material, then allow the alcohol to evaporate.  The result is a patch with a fine and even distribution of castor oil throughout the material.

 Nine parts water, one part GoJo hand cleaner, one part water soluble oil

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Traditions St.Louis Hawken #3 Accuracy Test Sight In

Shooting my friends rifle  that I built for him. Traditions St.Louis Hawken .50cal 1:48 twist. 70gr 3fg Goex, .490 cast ball .020" patch lube with an experimental patch lube, no swabbing.  50 yard 3 shot group. Average velocity of 1,579.

Earlier I was trying to shoot for groups with 60gr 3fg Swiss ( Most accurate ) and just had to laugh at the 3 1/2 - 4" groups WHILE SWABBING BETWEEN SHOTS! It got worse with no swabbing. That 3fg Swiss is a joke. 

I still have to file a bit more off the front sight to bring impact up a good 3 1/2" or so, but today I just wanted to experiment with powders and figure out what she likes most. Goex was the winner by a long shot. Same load I use in my st.louis hawken and my dads hawken as well. 

She also puts the 395gr lyman plains bullets that I cast, into a nice tight little cluster! Recoil isn't to bad with 70gr 3f either, but it will get your attention.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous Donation Drive

 Guy's I am having pure hell getting any company to help out with donations such as simple small prizes like powder measures, caps, powder, balls, patches, just simple stuff we normally give away as prizes at rendezvous. I had one company that said they were going all in and sad to say, when it came time, I haven't heard a thing back.

I'm starting a donation drive to help fund prizes and some new archery targets the archers badly need. I'd love to replace all 4 archery targets as they are badly sun rot, but that's a very large chunk of change in order to do that.

I'd love to raise at least $500 but will be thankful for anything that I can put together.

If you can't donate money but would like to send some things that we could use, that would be awesome and very welcome too!

Above is a donation link for paypal. You can use credit card on that link as well.

We don't need expensive items either guys. Tin cups/mugs we enjoy at rendezvous for give aways.

Cash - USPS Money Order - Personal check - Item donation:
Jonathan Koziol
24817 CR 47.5

Appreciate ANY help that comes our way! The Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous is a great place to come visit and shoot!

Also! We have MANY medallions left over from previous rendezvous'! These are $5 each + shipping.