Sunday, September 20, 2020

Hunting with Frontier's Anti-Rust & Patch Lube

Lubed patches with Frontier's anti rust & patch lube. 2fg gearhart owen black powder. Loaded for 10 days and many hours of hiking in the field. Hardly any powder stuck/embedded in the lubed patch! Note the black ring around the patch. Thats the black powder dust the patch picked up during the loading process.


Hunting Season - Elk - 2020

 Was a bust! We expected it though! Unit 85 in Colorado is 75% private property and what you do get to hunt is very poor for holding elk. We had a great time, made the most of it and discovered a few new cool places to hike.

Panning for gold. No elk, No Gold either!

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Places to buy? Black Powder Guns, Gear & More!

This is not a complete list as I left out big chain stores like Cabelas, Basspro, simply due to the fact that they mostly carry modern inline supplied and very little traditional gear and supplies. This is a personal list that I use often when I need something.

Traditions Firearms 

Dixie Gun Works 

Taylors Firearms 

Track of the wolf 

Old south firearms 

Kittery trading post 

Guns International 

October Country 

Log cabin shop 

Buffalo Arms CO 

Hawken Rifles 

Deer Creek Products 

Crazy Crow 

EMF Company 

Possible Shop 

The Gun Works 

Jedediah Star Trading 

Travelers Antiques & Trading 

 Graf & Sons