Thursday, December 26, 2019

Traditions Kit Gun - Metric screw hole sizes

**Currently being updated as measurements are made**

***Note: CVA & Traditions use Metric Threads:***
Tang Screw & Trigger Plate Thread  - M5 X 0.8
Lock Screws - M4 X 0.7
Drum Clean Out Screw - M5 X 0.8
Hammer Screw & Tumbler Thread - M3 X 0.7
Nose Cap screws - M4 X 0.7

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

C.T Little 10ga Shotgun

I just recently acquired this gorgeous and original, C.T Littlem 10ga fowler. It is British made and in beautiful shape with some repair work that was done the right way! The barrel at the breech is 1 1/2" wide and the barrel length is 37" long. 

Over time, I will do more video work with this one and hopefully take a fox or two with it! So far, it has shown promise as being a shooter.

A little info I got from Track of the wolf when I sent them a ton of pictures:

"That fowler has a classic British appearance circa 1820 with a hooked breech." "That lock is a very classic 1820 era flintlock design that has been altered to percussion. You can see the filled holes in the lock plate"

Just enjoy a few pictures and a video of me shooting it.


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Sometimes.... Its just the cap that cause's such a headache!

Re-resting with Pyrodex P & Swiss in my Traditions St.Louis Hawken shooting 70gr 3fg Swiss and Pyrodex P with a .490" round ball and .020" patch lubed with my hunting patch lube. The bore was swabbed clean between each shot.

This was with RWS #11 Percussion caps and Pyrodex P.
 Switching to CCI #11 Magnum caps.
 Now the huge surprise! Swiss 3fg reacted very well to the CCI #11 Magnum cap! Highest shot was #1 on a squeaky clean bore.

Traditions St.Louis Hawken .50cal & Buffalo bullets 385gr Test

Out testing round balls and when I went inside to grab some patches, I noticed an old box of Buffalo bullets, 385gr sitting on the shelf... What the hell! These things has always sucked in the accuracy department when I originally tried some many years ago.

Loading up my Traditions Hawken 1:48 twist with 80gr Black MZ, I fired 3 shots and said some words I normally use when I am upset! 3 touching about 2" high of my point of aim.

 Needless to say, these bullets will go back on the shelf until I actually need them for hunting use. These bullets fit this bore extremely snug at the muzzle and then loaded nicely after that. No swabbing either!