Sunday, December 6, 2020

Always keep one handy... Flint & Steel

By Buck Conner

 Always Keep One Handy

I always keep a flint and steel set handy, you never know when your normal sources (matches for fire may get damp or even wet). * Plus I always try to start a fire every few months to test my skills, never hurt to be on your game. Here's a strike-a-lite kit that's at least 40 years old and looks like new.

Sample of what will be needed as you start to assemble your kit, a good quality striker w/flint.
I use one of my old food bags from one of our business (Clark & Sons Mercantile Ltd) to hold everything (personal thing).
You'll need a few small tin containers (try and find ones with round corners (save cutting your carrying bag withe the square edges).

Start thinking about building a strike-a-lite kit for yourself. Shown is what will make a good kit that will last for years.

#1. beeswax candle on homemade holder (section of a trunk and limb makes a great holder.
#2. char cloth, beeswax candles, candle holder and striker w/good flint.
#3. Clark & Sons Mercantile cotton cloth bag used to hold my kit.
#4. striker (copy of one found at Bents' Old Fort in sothern Colorado).
#5. tin container (round edges saves cutting holes in cloth storage bag).
#6. brain tanned bag w/ tou fire starter material.
#7. wasp's nest make wonderful fire starting material.
#8. Gather small limbs for making your nest to use with your fire material.

Never hurt to practice old skills, never know when they may be needed.......



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